Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Clean Tech been in business?

Clean Tech was established in 1988 to recycle plastics.

What kinds of plastics does Clean Tech recycle?

HDPE (high density polyethylene) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

How does Clean Tech rank among plastic recycling facilities nationally?

Clean Tech is one of the top ten plastic recyclers in the U.S. based on sales.

How many plastic bottles does Clean Tech recycle annually?

Currently, Clean Tech recycles more than 3 billion bottles per year.

Where does Clean Tech stand in regard to sustainability?

Sustainability is central to all business practices of Clean Tech. In fact, Clean Tech was established in order to fulfill sustainability initiatives. You might say that sustainability is Clean Tech’s reason for being.

Where does the plastic that Clean Tech recycles come from?

The PET and HDPE bales used by Clean Tech come from more than 350 recycling centers.

Why is plastic such a popular material for packaging?

Plastic offers resilience, durability, and convenience and is virtually limitless in terms of use and reuse.
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