New Products from Recycled Plastic

Plastic's Popularity Increases

Plastic became a popular material for packaging consumer products because of its resilience, durability and convenience. Unfortunately, the broad implications of this expanding demand has created the need for visionary leadership within the plastic packaging industry because the improper disposal of plastic leads to negative environmental issues. Resolving this negative impact on the environment is of paramount importance to Clean Tech. We have met this challenge by incorporating sustainability in our business cycle as a constant in Clean Tech's business development. Indeed, it has been a vital aspect of company policy since the company's inception.

Clean Tech is Founded

Clean Tech was founded in 1989 as a viable means for making full use of materials that would previously have been considered waste and therefore discarded in landfills. Several years ahead of the industry and consumer recycling trend, Clean Tech recognized the environmental value of reclaiming HDPE and PET plastic.

Recycling for the Environment

Every bottle recycled by Clean Tech eases the strain on the environment and helps reduce greenhouse gasses in the air.
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