Our History

Clean Tech, Inc. Begins

1988 - Clean Tech, Inc. was formed to recycle two of the most common plastics used in packaging: HDPE and PET.

1989 - Began manufacturing operations.
- Began primary processing (sorting and grinding) of HDPE and PET.
- Installed first full HDPE recycling system (washing and pelletizing).

Recycling Systems Added

1991 - Added second full HDPE recycling system.

1993 - Added complete PET recycling system.

Clean Tech Expands

1995 - Installed flake color sorting system for PET and HDPE.
- Launched second recycling facility in Michigan with primary processing capacity for aluminum, glass, and plastic.
- Expanded Dundee facility with additional 40,000 sq. ft. of operating area.

1996 - Added two (2) additional flake color sorting systems.

Processing Increases

1998 - Increased HDPE processing capacity by 40 million lbs./yr.

2001 - Added water treatment plant.

2003 - Began processing on the second PET line, which increased processing capacity by 55 million lbs./yr.

Looking Towards the Future

2005 - Added two (2) PET extrusion lines.

2008 - Added 26 million pounds PET extrusion capacity and SSP processing.

2011 - Began construction on additional facility in Dundee.

2012 - New facility in operation.
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